Christmas Card Fundraiser


  • jeudi, 22 novembre 2018 de 10:45 Matin à vendredi, 21 décembre 2018 11:56 Après-midi (HNA)

Information sur les billets

La vente de billets pour cet événement est maintenant terminée.


Purchase a packet of beautifully designed Christmas cards and Gift tags for your Christmas giving.

Each package includes 4 Christmas Cards and 5 Gift Tags for $25.00.

Your support will provide refugee and immigrant women with the opportunity to attend a Learning Lab.

Learning Labs are designed to help refugee and new immigrant women learn English in a supportive and safe environment. English is a crucial tool for women to help settle in their communities. Being able to communicate proficiently enables a woman to advocate for their children, speak to their doctors about their care and provides them with opportunities to upgrade their education.


Buy your Christmas Gift Cards and Tags and have it delivered to you.

Don't delay, order your package today.

Progrès réalisés dans l’atteinte de l’objectif visé

Jours pour acheter


22 novembre 2018
jeudi, 22 novembre 2018 10:45 Matin (HNA)


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Refugee Women's Network

À propos de cet organisme

At Refugee Women’s Network, we help women through their settlement by providing sustainable skills to enable them to support their families, to advocate for their children and to support aging family members. These are the same challenges Canadian woman face. We will help assess their language abilities, provide language programs, prepare them for formal education, provide financial support for training and development, and help them become confident, empowered, and self sufficient. OUR MISSION To empower refugee and new immigrant women with tools and resources to enhance and develop their skills through education to successfully integrate into Canadian society while still maintaining respective cultural values. OUR VISION To help refugee and new immigrant women become a vibrant part of Canada’s economic and social development growth.