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  • mardi, 26 septembre 2017 de 8:48 Après-midi à mercredi, 01 janvier 2025 1:00 Après-midi (HNA)

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This page is designed to help you book a Mass Intention for your loved one through St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church. We believe that special graces are available at the Holy Mass because of it's real connection to the passion, death, and resurrection of Our Blessed Lord. These graces can be applied to a single person (living or dead), a group of people, or a particular cause. Booking a Mass Intention is a special way in which we bring our prayers to God.

*Charity receipts are not offered for Mass Intentions.


To book a Mass Intention, at the top of this page first enter the quantity of Intentions you would like, and then click the link "Get Tickets". On the next page please fill in the spaces. Really, the only information we need is who the Mass Intention is for, but this website requires us to ask for your personal information (and not only once, but twice!). This will be kept confidential and will not be used for any purpose. We apologize for the inconvenience. It may be a consolation to you that everything WILL BE perfect in Heaven, no duplications will be required!

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26 septembre 2017
mardi, 26 septembre 2017 8:48 Après-midi (HAA)


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