Snow White's fresh Start.

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  • lundi, 10 juillet 2017 de 9:06 Après-midi à mercredi, 30 août 2017 10:00 Après-midi (HAA)

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Our new arrival is a 10 year old grey pony mare who sadly arrived with a old eye injury. It is hard to say if medical attention was given at the time of injury but we have decided that it would be in her best interest to have the remaining eyeball removed and close the socket. This will protect her from future problems, such as debris, flies and infection. She has adjusted well to not having sight on that side but this should help improve her life that much more. 

Thank you for your support!


The surgery, which is called a enucleation, is scheduled for August 3. It will remove what is left of the mare's eye and suture the eye socket closed permanently. At the moment she is still able to blink on her injured side however, she has what is basically a open fleshy socket which could easily be punctured or infected. 

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