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  • vendredi, 31 mars 2017 de 12:00 Matin à mercredi, 31 mai 2017 11:59 Après-midi (HAE)

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TSSC is pleased to offer our TS girls ages 4 -17 an opportunity to enjoy summer camp this year. TSSC is providing a scholarship for girls to attend a camp of their choice. Summer camp teaches girls that they “can” by allowing them to conquer fears, experience new things and develop skills. Camp is “action”, teamwork and creates lifelong friendships. Help us raise money and support your daughters so they can experience camp this summer!



How to fundraise to send TS Youth to Camp:

Download the Coins for Camp PDF as many times as you want and fill the sheet with Toonies! Each sheet is worth $20.00 and contains 10 butterflies onto which your Toonies can be placed. Ask your friends or family to help sponsor you. 

Please send the money that you have raised to the national office by cheque, or CC, bank transfer or through Canada helps .

Application and Selection process: 

To apply for the camp scholarship, please submit the application attached on the Turner Syndrome Society website ( which includes camp information, camp date and the receipt of payment for the camp your child is attending. 

Applications for camp sponsorship are due May 15, 2017

Partial sponsorship of up to $200 per child is available to eligible TS youth between the ages of 4-18. Funding is not guaranteed. Applicants will be notified if they have been selected by lottery by June 15, 2017

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31 mars 2017
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The Turner Syndrome Society of Canada, a non-profit charitable organization, was founded in 1981 by an individual with TS who wanted to share experiences and information. Our organization shares up-to-date medical information on Turner Syndrome to families, physicians and the public. We also provide local mutual support groups for individuals with TS and their families.