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Theatre Columbus advances the art of professional theatre that activates community and strengthens civil society. We create original works that explore the connections between the individual and society, examining and transforming the ties that bind us - our ideas, our fables, our morals and our environment.

Our collaborative work emphasizes the virtuosity of the performing artist with inventive staging and scripted stories.

The process evolves organically through facilitated improvisation. Built, broken, recreated and refined in the process of performance itself, the resulting play is a living organism that adapts to its surroundings over time. The published play is a kind of polished spontaneity.

The space and environment for each production is unique and integral to the art - a winter evening, a proscenium, a warehouse, a black box, the airwaves.

A spirit of collaboration is central to all that we do: our collaboration with senior and emerging artists; in how we govern ourselves; in how we work with community partners to advance the art of professional theatre by placing it in and amongst a general and diverse public.


For 29 years Theatre Columbus has been creating original award winning theatre.

A feature of the work is the virtuosity of the performer and the ingenuity of the staging with a compelling story that binds the two. The plays are written collaboratively or by a solo writer in collaboration with an ensemble of actors, designers, and technicians. We explore themes about the complicated relationship between individual need and public good –stories born from the world we walk past everyday.

We are proudly supported by the people of Canada through the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council and the thousands of people in Toronto and beyond through donations and attendance to shows.


16 Ryerson Avenue

Contact Information

Contact Name:Julia Nish-Lapidus

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