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Magnetic North Theatre Festival
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Mission Statement

To produce a Canadian theatre festival with a national scope that has a strong artistic vision, that meets high artistic standards, that promotes dissemination of Canadian work through presenters to audiences and that increases the awareness of Canadian theatre amongst artists, audiences, producers and presenters, nationally and internationally.

Magnetic North:
1. Promotes awareness of the diversity of Canadian theatre among Canadians
2. Provides a gathering place for artists to share work and exchange ideas
3. Increases exposure to touring opportunities, nationally and internationally
4. Celebrates and provide a forum for artistic innovation in Canadian theatre
5. Gives Canadian theatre a leading presence on the world stage
6. Provides contact among artists, producers and presenters for the benefit of Canadian audiences
7. Emphasizes the cultural, social and economic importance of arts and culture where we live.


The Magnetic North Theatre Festival is an annual Canadian cultural theatre event, showcasing works by Canadian theatre artists from across the country. Magnetic North features some of the most exciting productions of English theatre to tour Canada, and promotes the diversity and quality of Canadian theatre to Canadians.

Established in 2002, the Magnetic North Theatre Festival alternates between Ottawa and a different Canadian city each year. In addition to live theatre, the festival is a forum for Canadian theatre professionals to market their work to national and international presenters and touring venues.

To date, the festival has travelled from Ottawa to Edmonton, St. John’s, Vancouver, Kitchener-Waterloo and Calgary. In 2014, we head to Halifax from June 19 to 29!

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PO Box 1534
Station B
Ottawa, ON

Contact Information

Contact Name:Jennifer Fornelli

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