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Kids Now, through a volunteer-led group mentoring program, empowers youth in grades 7 & 8 living primarily in priority neighbourhoods with 'life-success' skills to help them to believe in themselves and make positive choices that will help them reach their full potential.

It’s hard to be an adolescent today. This is a time filled with confusion and transition: from elementary to middle and then high school, becoming a teenager, bullying, peer pressures, family issues, lack of self esteem, depression, etc. In today’s increasingly fast-paced, online world, it’s too easy to make wrong choices that can have a lifelong impact.

Many young teens lack the skills to deal with these situations and often feel that there is nowhere to turn for help. Many also come from home environments that do not provide a consistent, supportive environment with positive role models. Kids Now aims to fill this gap by mentoring kids at this young and vulnerable age to believe in themselves, set goals and prepare for success when they move into high school and beyond.

Kids Now is a free, after-school, in-school, 12-week curriculum-based group leadership program. Led by volunteer mentors and in collaboration with participating school principals, weekly sessions include:
- Building self-confidence and self-esteem
- Developing communication & relationship skills
- Resolving conflicts, dealing with bullying and peer pressure
- Managing stress and improving mental well-being
- Goal setting


Kids Now has been inspiring leadership, building self-confidence, and coaching kids to make positive choices through free, in-school, after-school, group youth mentoring programs. Created in 1999 by a Canadian educator who saw a need to complement the existing school curriculum with life skills development, the Kids Now program has made a meaningful, lasting difference in the lives of thousands of Canadian kids. Led by volunteer coach-mentors, many of whom are employees from leading companies, the Kids Now 12 week program features an educator-endorsed curriculum, which includes educational games, activities and group discussions that teach leadership, anti-bullying, dealing with peer pressures and family issues, goal-setting, effective communication, conflict resolution and other valuable life-success skills. Find out more online:


1500 Avenue Rd. Box 1314

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Contact Name:Janet King

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