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100 Strong Foundation


Changing the Narrative

Established in 2012, 100 Strong is a charitable organization borne out of the passion and vision of a group of accomplished, professional black men compelled to change the narrative of young African-Canadian black boys as it exists today. Motivated to not only make a difference, they also set about redefining black excellence, and what that looks like, by re-writing the current status quo and creating a new, lasting social commentary with a view to producing strong, ambitious leaders – one young man at a time.

Excellence without Excuses

Strong Academy

Strong Academy aims to foster and instill a love for learning and education in middle school-aged boys, while pairing them with mentors, in an effort topromote self-empowerment and success in school and in their respective communities.

The end goal is to establish a private, black-owned and operated K-12 school for boys. Upon completion of their post-secondary education, the expectation is these boys will pay their educational experience forward by returning to the Strong Academy as Alumni mentors

Mentorship Program

Youth with mentors are shown to have an increased likelihood of attending college, having a more positive attitude towards school, higher social and emotional development and improved self-esteem (, 2019). Mentors have the ability to share experiences, knowledge, support and advice that students may not have access to through school or their lives otherwise.

Reports show that although 94% of Black youth aged 15 to 25 said that they would like to get a bachelor’s degree or higher, only 60% thought they could (Statistics Canada, 2016). We are currently living at a critical period of time in which it has never been more important to focus on the empowerment and success of young black boys. It is with this understanding in mind that 100 Strong is seeking volunteers to participate in a 12-month mentorship program to help mentor students in the areas of: entrepreneurship, business, medicine, law, film, accounting, engineering, education, among others. As a mentor, you will play an integral role in helping to promote self-empowerment within the boys of the 100 Strong Foundation. Your guidance and mentorship will also help to provide the knowledge and understanding required to succeed in school and in their respective communities.




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