Registered Name: ST. MARK'S CHURCH

Business Number: 108028853RR0002

In 2016 we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of our founding.  In 2017 we will remember the destruction of the first church and parish hall in the Halifax Explosion of December 6, 1917.

In May, 2016 we installed a stair-chair-lift making our building accessible at all three levels. Grants towards this cost came from the Anglican Foundation and Federal Project Grants.

In 2016 our CELEBRATION FUND will raise $25,000 towards replacing the church lighting with energy efficient LED's and renovating our washrooms to make them wheelchair accessible.

The story of our Church of St. Mark, though short in the history of the greater Church of God, is nevertheless long in the history of the lives of men and women who have lived in the North End or who have served in the Canadian Forces.

A ‘Chapel of Ease’ of St. George’s Church was built in 1866 on Russell Street near Barrington. This Church was consecrated on Advent Sunday, December 2, 1866.

The Halifax Explosion in 1917 destroyed the Church. Even though they lost their building and over 200 members were killed, the spirit remained strong and the members of the St. Mark’s community promptly worked at providing medical care for the injured and food, clothing and housing for the survivors.

The hearts and minds of these early members determined to rebuild the Church at its present site off Gottingen. In February 1921, the new building was ready for use. Many garden parties and other events were held to raise money for the new Church.

The military has always played a large role in the family of the Parish. Festivities and services opened the new Church with presentations by the Admiral of the Navy and Commandant of the Army. Military bands would frequently play in the Church and members were asked to Garden Parties at Admiralty House. St. Mark’s proudly displays the retired colours of the Royal Canadian Regiment and the Ensign of the Royal Canadian Navy from WWI.

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