Open Doors @ St.Christopher's


Business Number: 108099771RR0019

Open Doors is a community hub that offering 15 community based, volunteer-driven, programs that work to make Burlington more resilient. Open Doors helps people with community resources, food, and offers programs for seniors, parents, youth, and children.

Our volunteer model acknowledges that we are all those who are served, and we are all those who receive. This model provides many benefits: social inclusion, community resilience, dignified service, inclusion and stronger programming.

Lately , our efforts  have enhanced our “one stop shopping” model by increasing access to existing programs and partnering with local agencies to co-locate their programs within our facility. We have worked to recognize and meet the needs in our community.

What People Are Saying

"It is a wonderful resource to the community. It not only supports families/people who may need the extra support / assistance but it creates wonderful and lasting relationships. It is essential to continue these programs to the community of Burlington.” - Open Doors Community Member"

— Community Member

"Open Doors provided me with clothing for an interview which I was ultimately hired The Tweens’ Club provides a safe fun environment for my 12 yr old to socialize and grow emotionally. Tuesday dinners have become the highlight of my week good food, and a support network of wonderful friends"

— Community Member

"“My kids really enjoy the kids’ club program. They get exercise, fresh fruit and homemade baked treats every week. I like knowing they are safe and happy, having fun and being creative.” – Open Doors Community Member"

— Community Member

"I am a 50 year old widow, with mental health issues. The clothing store provides me with clothes I need and cannot afford. Eg: Today I got boots. It’s mid-January and my feet have been freezing.” "

— Community Member

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