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Bonny Lea Farm - Do good. Feel good.


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Bonny Lea Farm - Do good. Feel good.

People living with intellectual disabilities need a place where they feel at home, a place where they have purpose, a place where they feel safe to reach for their goals. Bonny Lea Farm has been that place since 1973.

Your support gives hope to the participants who live and work at Bonny Lea Farm, providing them with daily opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.

Your support empowers the men and women who live and work here to achieve their dreams and reach goals that are often elusive for people living with intellectual disabilities.

Your gift will:

Keep us healthy

Help us stay active & strong mentally and physically - with recreational therapy and counselling, from drawing to drama and biking to badminton.

Keep us working

Help us to purchase and service the equipment necessary to keep our social enterprises running, such as shredders & splitters, and pay our training wage.

Keep us moving

Help us to get where we need to go - from medical appointments to social outings by keeping our vehicles serviced, fueled and insured.

Keep us dreaming

Help us to achieve our goals - from having a job to get up and go to every day, to going swimming or horseback riding.

Keep us awesome!

Help us to stay awesome by supporting all of the "essential extras" that helps us learn, grow and succeed - from some staff salaries to lights, heat, insurance, repairs and replacements.

Together we make a difference!

Do good. Feel good. Click the donate button now. 

P.S. To learn more visit us at or call us at 902-275-5622.