St. Paul's United Church Scarborough


Business Number: 119196962RR0001

St. Paul's is a small but growing faith community in the Cliffside neighbourhood of south Scarborough. We are a diverse group, with members and participants coming from all corners of the globe.

Our community has two cornerstones that are the foundation on which we build:

  • First, an open, inquiring Christian faith that is grounded in the belief that God leads us all into abundant life. That is not about having abundant stuff, but having a full, rich life in right relationships with ourselves, with one another, with creation, and with God.  We believe that God is active in our lives -- not by helping us find our keys or that perfect parking spot, but by leading us toward this life of right relationships.
  • Second, we believe that the moral arc of the universe is bending toward justice and peace. Sometimes that doesn't seem very obvious when you look around at the world.  But our faith affirms that this is where God asks us to go, to seek justice and resist evil.

These foundations are supported by a strong commitment to worship and prayer and enlivened by our work in the community and abroad. Locally, we host many programs (see our website for details) for the our neighbours in Cliffside. Globally, we support a school in Kenya and have recently sponsored a refugee from Gambia (details of both these are here on Canada Helps.

St. Paul's is known as a warm, welcoming community. Please feel free to drop by! The coffee is usually on.

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