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Help a family set up a home


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Help a family set up a home

Compassion Ministries provides clothes, furniture, and basic household items such as linens and dishes to individuals and families in need. We help anyone in Hamilton and the surrounding communities who truly need help.

Our number one priority has always been women in and women who are leaving women's shelters. However, many others benefit from our program: low income individuals, families, and seniors; recent immigrants; pregnant teens and teenage moms; people coming out of jail, long-term, and addiction treatment programs; homeless and those living in marginal housing who are trying to get into government housing or setup their own homes. We have also helped a number of families who have lost everything through no fault of their own: flood, fire, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, etc.

We get referrals from the Neighbour to Neighbour food bank, the women's shelters in Hamilton, the Native Indian Centre, Community Care Access Centre (CCAC), the Jewish Centre, North Hamilton Medical Clinic, St. Joseph's Women's Immigration Centre, and many others.

While the clothes, furniture, and household items are donated, there are costs such as rent and utilities for the buildings where we run the program. We don't ask the families we help for money; we rely on donations.

All donations marked Compassion Ministries are only used in the operation of Compassion Ministries.