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Altar Flowers

Registered Name: ST MATTHEW'S CHURCH

Business No: 132081787RR0001

Altar Flowers

St. Matthews has two built in flower stands behind the altar.  The recommended price is $25 per vase.

We strive to have fresh flowers each Sunday.  This is only possible due to the donations for parishioners and others like you.

Flowers can be requested for just about any reason, such as a Celebration of an anniversary or milestone, in memory of someone who has passed on, or in general thanks for the love of God.

The flowers, after Sunday services, are given to those who are sick or shut in or someone who could use a ‘we’re thinking of you’ prayer through the beauty of the floral arrangement.

Please consider registering/donating flowers in order that we can continue this ministry in a more vibrant way.  Simply place your name and reason for donation in the blue book and place your funds on the offertory plate during the service.

Thank you for your generous donations in helping St. Matthew’s show more of the beauty of God in this world.