Registered Name: 221 A Artist Run Centre Society

Business Number: 826585168RR0001

221A works with artists and designers to research and develop social, cultural and ecological infrastructure.


221A works with artists and designers to conduct research over a period of 3 to 24 months. Each fellow receives a monthly stipend and open research office at Pollyanna where they are expected to lead new research on potential social, cultural or ecological ‘infrastructure’. Staff work alongside Fellows to resource and translate research into operational plans towards infrastructure.

Organizing Values



Responsible to community and neighbours


Non-market autonomy

Question design

Artists paid fair wage

Contemporary art and design

Artists' Fees & Living Wages

221A’s policies require the payment of artists at rates above the CARFAC national average and the compensation of all staff, including summer students, at a minimum of $21/hr or equivalent total salary and benefits. 221A aims to improve the reciprocal health of the organization, its constituents, and our ecological context.

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