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758 Argus Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Registered Name: Royal Canadian Air Cadets 758 Argus Brampton Squadron (Sponsoring Committee)

Business No: 130387665RR0042

758 Argus Royal Canadian Air Cadets


The 758 Argus Squadron aims to develop in our youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership; to promote physical fitness, and to stimulate interest in the air element of the Canadian Forces. The motto of the Air Cadets is "to Learn, to Serve, to Advance."

The 758 Argus Squadron is a youth development organization, one of many such cadet units across Canada. The program is open to youth between 12 and 18 years of age who are interested in aviation or any of its topics. But aviation is not the primary take-away kids get from the program - it's all about their development into leaders and strong Canadian citizens. Consider this: the officers who operate the program do not teach any of the lessons. Instead, the cadets prepare and deliver all of the course material during regular training nights. Imagine being 15 or 16 and teaching your peers about airplane engines, meteorology, or downed aircraft survival. There are so many valuable opportunities available for cadets during the regular weekly training, the squadron teams like marksmanship, band, drill, effective speaking, orienteering and many more. There are also summer camp opportunities where detailed training occurs, and where lifelong friendships are made. This is the best youth development program and it is run by volunteers soliciting funds from the communities each unit resides within. Cadets is a community - it only works when everyone works together.


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