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78th Fraser Highlanders, Fort Glengarry Garrison


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78th Fraser Highlanders, Fort Glengarry Garrison


Our Mission

The original "78th Regiment, Second Highland Battalion of Foot", commonly called "Fraser's Highlanders" was a Highland Regiment raised in Scotland in 1757 to fight in Canada during the Seven Year’s War. The Regiment fought with distinction at a number of battles including those under General James Wolfe at the Siege of Louisbourg and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. At the conclusion of the war, the Regiment was disbanded in Canada and many members of the Regiment settled here and have become an important part of our nation’s history.

The modern 78th Fraser Highlanders are an Historical Society whose primary mission is the preservation of the memory of the original Regiment, their commanders, comrades-in-arms and their adversaries, Canadian Military history of the mid-1700's as well as the celebration of the contributions of the early Scots to Canadian culture.

With its headquarters in Montreal, the modern 78th Fraser Highlanders have Canadian Garrisons located in Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto, Waterloo, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria.

About 78th Fraser Highlanders, Fort Glengarry Garrison

The Fort Glengarry Garrison accomplishes its mission by operating two complementary youth programs under the direction of its Officer Corps. These Officers are a group of adults who volunteer their time to run the Garrison.

The first of these youth programs is our Pipe & Drum Band and the second is our Musket Squad. These groups perform publicly both together as a combined Garrison in parades for example and separately when appropriate.

Both of groups are outfitted in period authentic uniforms, complete from head to toe. When giving public performances, our youth wear dirks and swords and the Musket Squad also carry fully functional Brown Bess Muskets and the kit necessary to operate them.

Our Garrison is a registered charity and depends on financial support from our supporters like you!


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