Neil Squire Society


Business Number: 864366174RR0001

Our Mission

To lead Canada in creating an environment where every person with a physical disability has access to make the most of his/her abilities and contribute to society.

About Neil Squire Society

The Neil Squire Society is the only national not-for-profit organization in Canada that has for over twenty-five years empowered Canadians with physical disabilities through the use of computer-based assistive technologies, research and development, and various employment programs. Through our work, we help our clients remove barriers so that they can live independent lives and become active members of the workplace and our society. Specializing in education and workplace empowerment, the Society has served over 25,000 people since 1984.

The Neil Squire Society’s headquarters are in Burnaby, British Columbia with research and development labs in both Burnaby and Vancouver, British Columbia. Regional offices are located in Regina, Saskatchewan; Ottawa, Ontario; and Fredericton and Moncton, New Brunswick.

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