The Canadian Association for Williams Syndrome


Business Number: 879205516RR0001

The Canadian Association of Williams Syndrome (CAWS) was founded by parents in 1984. We are a national Association of Canada that provides support to Williams Syndrome individuals and their families. Our registered non-profit society continues to grow as awareness is increased and information is shared.

CAWS' goals are:

  • To support research into the educational, behavioural, social and medical aspects of Williams Syndrome.
  • To increase society’s awareness of CAWS so individuals with Williams Syndrome and their families have a resource available to them within Canada.
  • To become visible to the medical scientific, educational and professional communities by providing information on Williams Syndrome.

These combined goals will improve the integration of individuals with Williams Syndrome into society and help to educate society as a whole.

We are here to advance and assist education, research and knowledge of the medical condition described as Williams Syndrome and to participate in research projects and efforts to assist those with WS in achieving full status in the community such as schools, employment and housing.

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