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Music Therapy Moves Us!


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Music Therapy Moves Us!

Music Therapy Moves Us!

We know that music moves us emotionally, physically, spiritually and expressively. Working with a certified music therapist, music moves us intentionally and impacts us profoundly. We invite you to join us to help music therapy move more people.

Last year, we travelled on the Road to Recovery and made amazing progress. This year, we move beyond recovery and push forward to move and grow in new and exciting ways. This year-long campaign aims to raise $150,000. Our focus this year is bringing music therapy to children and youth, especially those from underserved communities. There is no question that children and youth have experienced significant mental health challenges over the past several years and the life circumstances of many created an even heavier load to bear. Finding words to talk through their experiences can be difficult and intimidating. Music therapy is a non-threatening and often more effective way to reach children and youth to provide them with a method of exploration and expression that requires no words. We will provide national clinical grants and grow services at the Music Therapy Centre in Toronto that will impact this important work.

We kick-off our annual campaign in March each year in collaboration with Music Therapy Awareness Month. It’s a time for us to celebrate the power of music therapy and to raise awareness across the country. This year is also CMTF’s 30th anniversary - even more reason to celebrate!

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