Association of Families of Persons Assassinated or Disappeared


Business Number: 830461141RR0001

Our Mission

THE AFPAD is a non-profit organization whose main mission is to overcome the isolation to which victims' families are subjected by developing links of solidarity between them and establishing bridges towards the necessary resources so they can access the information and tools necessary to reconstruct their lives.

About Association of Families of Persons Assassinated or Disappeared

The AFPAD offers its members a whole range of services and remains on the constant lookout for new activities that could answer their information and communication needs:

• Meetings with families following an incident

• Helping face the Media

• Contacting and assisting them after an incident

• Explaining the judicial process to families

• Explaining new legislation

• Accompanying and comforting families

• Monthly Lunch and Learn activities in the majority of the Québec regions

• Thematic meetings with families

• Help Line and professional references

• Discussion Forum, Facebook

• Legal Accompaniment

• In Court at the beginning of a new stage of the judicial proceedings

• Legal support with the institutions

• Letter writing help with testimonials

• Accompaniment in judicial files

• Unresolved murders

• Criminal disappearances

• Support in Victimology Research

What People Are Saying

"After my daughter’s murder, I had to clean her blood on the floor and walls. For every drop I scrubbed, I felt the life of my child fading away…"

— Testimonial of a mother who’s daughter was murdered

"When I walk in the middle of a crowd, I often have the impression that I see her and I’m suddenly in a panic state since she dissapears right away; I will never give up, I will look for her until I die…"

— Testimonial about a sister’s dissapearance

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