Ally Global

Registered Name: Ally Global Foundation

Business Number: 859411027RR0001

Every woman and child wants to feel loved and protected. In order to do that, they need safe communities, education, and the opportunity to make a living.

Women and children in developing communities are being targeted and exploited by human traffickers. Without access to education or work opportunities, individuals feel powerless and are at-risk of violence, abuse or trafficking.

Everyone deserves to live in safety and freedom. For the last 20 years, our safe homes have been caring for women and children who are at-risk of abuse and restoring trafficking survivors. Our work in Nepal and Laos has restored over 600 vulnerable women and children to independence.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. PROTECT: We provide safe homes for women and children who have been trafficked, or are at high-risk of being trafficked.
  2. RESTORE: We restore self-worth and confidence through care, counselling, educational and vocational opportunities.
  3. EMPOWER: When young adults desire to gain independence, our social workers guide the reintegration process and stay connected long-term.

Donate now to prevent the exploitation of vulnerable women and children and empower an individual to achieve their dreams.

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