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Creating a Legacy

Registered Name: Aquatic Biosphere Society of Canada

Business No: 831481387RR0001

Creating a Legacy

Do you dream of being a part of something amazing?

  • Are you passionate about protecting our oceans, lakes and rivers?  
  • Is public education important to you?
  • How about building legacy community positive projects that contribute for decades to come?

Creating a legacy for the community, for the Province, and for the region is a monumental effort by passionate volunteer leaders and contributors. Ever wondered how large projects like this get built? They get built by YOU, people who are passionate about water and biodiversity. People who understand the need for greater public knowledge and awareness regarding the issues around water and the importance of healthy, rich ecosystems. The Aquatic Biosphere Society of Canada is a community positive project:

  • positive economic impacts
  • positive environmental impacts
  • positive educational impacts

Is that something you can support? Start right now with a donation, and then sign up to receive the latest news. Follow along with the Aquatic Biosphere Project development and watch how grassroots grow.