Maria Osende Flamenco Co./ Atlantic Flamenco Festival

Registered Name: Atlantic Flamenco Productions Society

Business Number: 859766354RR0001

Maria Osende Flamenco Co. (Atlantic Flamenco Productions Society) is a non-profit organization based in Nova Scotia devoted to the promotion of flamenco and Spanish culture. The intention is to bring a broader understanding of traditional and contemporary flamenco to our region. We produce artistic, cultural, and educational events enriching the community life of this city, province, and region.

Our Patronage Program

Do you value live performance? Do you want to see the arts thrive? Become a patron of our vital arts community today!

We know that you, our patrons, are at the core of what we do. As a patron, you’ll contribute directly to our festivals and fiestas and be part of our mission of spreading the beauty and art of flamenco in our region.

Patrons will receive a gift for their generous contributions & will be invited to our exclusive annual Donor Appreciation Fiesta! 

Patron levels & Rewards

Amigo –Gift of $50+

Alegre –Gift of $100+

1 free ticket to an event of your choice*

Simpatico –Gift of $250+

2 free tickets to an event of your choice and a bottle of Spanish wine*

Aficionado –Gift of $500+

4 free tickets to an event of your choice, a bottle of Spanish wine and a $50 gift card to a local restaurant*

Magnifico –Gift of $1000+

4 free tickets to an event of your choice, a bottle of Spanish wine, a $50 gift card to a local restaurant and priority reserved seating for the Seahorse series*

*Tickets may be redeemed for an event within 12 months of your donation.

*Gifts will be presented at the annual Donor’s Appreciation Fiesta. If you are unable to attend, please contact us to make alternate arrangements.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the standard of excellence in the production and presentation of flamenco in Eastern Canada and to become a part of Nova Scotia’s multicultural landscape.

Our Mandate

We foster the development of the flamenco arts in Nova Scotia and educate and advance the public’s understanding and appreciation of flamenco through the production of performing arts events.

What People Are Saying

"The Soul of Spain in the Heart of Atlantic Canada"

— Maria Osende Flamenco Co.

"When you see the words «dance» and «Halifax» together in the same sentence, you probably picture high-stepping Irish jiggers... What you don’t expect to come out of the Maritimes dance scene is some of the hottest, freshest flamenco this side of the Straight of Gibraltar. "

— The Ottawa Citizen

""With the Maria Osende Flamenco Co. art illuminates and ennobles a dark world....Maria Osende is spellbinding as she takes flamenco dance to a high art form..." "

— Elssa Bernard, the Halifax Chronicle Herald

"Arm twirl, feet stomp and a sudden crack of the drum drives a performance of athleticism, passion and poise. Flamenco dance is providing Nova Scotians with an alternative style of exercise that’s both energetic and cultural. "

— Optymz Magazine, July/August 2011

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