The Duke of Edinburgh's Award - Canada - Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut Division

Registered Name: The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Canada, Alberta and Northwest Territories Divis

Business Number: 115893489RR0001

Invest in Canada's greatest resource, its young people.

When you donate to the Award, you are helping to make a difference in the lives of young Canadians by providing them the opportunity to explore their potential, take on new challenges, give back to the community, and achieve success.

Our Vision

More young Canadians equipped with the skills to succeed in life

What People Are Saying

"I have become much more involved with my community and I have gained the sense that I am putting myself "out there" more... my involvement with [the Award] has led to the maturity I have and has motivated me to continue the many extra-curricular activities that I am involved with."

— Sampson M., Bronze Award Achiever

"This Award has pushed me to volunteer more in my community which means that I have more service on my resume which is more appealing to future employers."

— Laura L., Silver Award Achiever

"All that time in sport has taught me will and motivation are without a doubt, the most important factors in achieving one’s goals… it gave me the opportunity to represent my province at the Canada Games and join the UBC rowing team where I got to train with and learn from future Olympians."

— James K., Gold Award Achiever

"There were definitely times at which I wanted to quit, when I thought that everything was overwhelming. Although I did struggle, each of those moments allowed me to strengthen my sense of self and learn more about who I am..."

— Iman K., Gold Award Achiever

"One of the most fascinating things to watch during the program is [the participant’s] ability to be a leader. He can always influence his peers and I enjoy watching his dynamics… I am looking forward to seeing his growth and contributing everything I can towards it."

— Ryan “Rubix” De Guzman, Youth Central

"The Duke of Ed at the Edmonton Young Offender Centre (EYOC) has given an opportunity to youth to show they can develop new skills and enjoy giving back to the community that they may not have thought was possible given their status in the Justice system."

— William Macaoud, Community Transition Coordinator

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