The Duke of Edinburgh's Award - Canada - Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut Division

Registered Name: The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Canada, Alberta and Northwest Territories Divis

Business Number: 115893489RR0001

Our Mission

To give Canadians aged 14-24 a supportive, non-competitive youth development platform that deepens self-awareness, builds confidence and broadens skills and experiences to further their growth as active, responsible citizens.

About The Duke of Edinburgh's Award - Canada - Alberta, Northwest Territories & Nunavut Division

The Award offers young people the opportunity to set goals and achieve results in a fun and challenging way that is non competitive. The Award encourages personal development and community involvement as participants set their own goals and recognize their achievements in the areas of Community Service, Personal Skill Development, Physical Recreation and Outdoor Adventure.

We strive to make the Award available to all youth regardless of circumstances and look for community support to allow youth to participate and complete their Awards. 

Your support will enable us to develop and sustain the Award in hard to reach and hard to serve youth communities, in turn providing participants with the support they need to realize their own goals and achievements. Donate today to invest in Canada's greatest resource: its young people.

What People Are Saying

"I have become much more involved with my community and I have gained the sense that I am putting myself "out there" more... my involvement with [the Award] has led to the maturity I have and has motivated me to continue the many extra-curricular activities that I am involved with."

— Sampson M., Bronze Award Achiever

"Before I started [the Award], I didn't really work towards goals... joining the program has helped me realize my goals. It has also helped me get more in touch with my culture and learn new skills."

— Ryker W., Bronze Award Achiever

"I became more purposeful with my service and more often went out of my way to help others in everyday life... overall, my time in the Silver Level has allowed me to develop many talents and become more self-reliant."

— Hannah S., Silver Award Achiever

"My involvement throughout the Duke of Edinburgh's Award process has really been an experience of self discovery. It allowed me to learn about myself, what I truly value, my likes and dislikes, and what kind of person I want to be."

— Natalie W., Gold Award Achiever

"The Duke of Edinburgh's Award has helped me to be more aware of issues in my community, my country, and globally. This awareness is what has made me want to do my best and make a difference in the world for not just myself, but others."

— Conall M., Gold Award Achiever

"The Duke of Ed at the Edmonton Young Offender Centre (EYOC) has given an opportunity to youth to show they can develop new skills and enjoy giving back to the community that they may not have thought was possible given their status in the Justice system."

— William Macaoud, Community Transition Coordinator

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