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Goats For Kids

Campaign Ended April 30, 2019

Meet Millary Salonika!  His father is a watchman in Arusha and doesn’t come home very often.  The family could not afford to live together in Arusha, so his mother brought Millary and his 6 siblings back to live with her family in Makuyuni; this is how he came to attend  Nashipay Maasai School.  She is helped a bit by her brother who is a piki, piki (motorcycle) driver and the father sends a little money when he can.  What little income she receives needs to support the health and welfare of all of her children, and while she would very much like to send the other children to school, they simply can’t afford the fees. 

In 2018 we ran a small pilot program by purchasing Nubian goats to help support Nashipay Maasai School through the sale of milk.  This program has been a resounding success!  Nubian goats are great milk producers and the people have found that they can sell the milk to generate income, operate the school and provide a quality education for the children from families that could not otherwise afford to send them to school. Milk sales will enable Millary's parents to send him and his siblings to school. This program has a multiplier effect that provides long-term sustainability and benefits the school and all the families in the village. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION!!  



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