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Goats for Kids

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2020

Every day, Maasai children across the Makuyuni area in Tanzania turn up for school on an empty stomach, and this makes it hard to focus on lessons. Having food at Nashipay school every day can mean not only better nutrition and health, but also increased access to and achievement in education. It is also a strong incentive to consistently send children to school.  However, this doesn’t help children who are under school age or the remainder of the family.  The reality is that 85% of the population gets up and goes to bed hungry most days.  To help alleviate this challenge, the Maasai Council of Elders has requested that we support a program to purchase Maasai goats for the community. This small, hardy breed provides milk for the family, and do not need supplemental feed or medicines; they are fully adapted to the extreme, arid climate in which they live.  Your donation will buy goats and improve the food security of families in the village of Makuyuni where Nashipay Maasai School is located.  A nourished child is better able to complete his or her family chores which include caring for livestock, preparing food and caring for younger children. Your support is critical and greatly appreciated!

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