Food4Kids Waterloo Region

Registered Name: Food4Kids Waterloo Region

Business Number: 751269895RR0001

For many children, hunger is not just an occasional missed meal - it is a way of life

Children who live with chronic hunger develop physically and socially at a slower pace than their peers, experience higher levels of anxiety, hyperactivity, irritability, and aggression. Even relatively short nutritional deficiencies can negatively impact a child’s health.

Food4Kids Waterloo Region was formed to fill a gap in the area of food insecurity for children. When children are nourished consistently their opportunities for a better future increase and their health and well-being are positively affected. They feel like they belong in their environment, whether it is the school classroom, playground or in the greater community.

Our Mission: To provide packages of healthy food for children ages 1 – 14 from severely food insecure homes, during weekend periods, and daily during Winter, Spring and Summer breaks from school.


"Please keep this program! It is very helpful to our family. Some days are a struggle, and every little bit helps." Parent

"The benefits of this program to our families are too many to mention, but the long term result will be a reduction in risk and vulnerability." Principal

"One little girl would not let us call her Mom when she was really sick and sitting in the office, suffering. Afraid of the answer, I had to pry the reason out of her. She finally told me that she couldn’t call her Mom until she had her food bag for the weekend.” Principal

"This program is awesome. When the kids realized that their bag was all theirs, and that their siblings had their own, they were so appreciative." Teacher

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