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Jamaica Project

Registered Name: Fusion 3Sixteen Incorporated

Business No: 819682246RR0001

Jamaica Project

This exciting project supports our partners David and Liz Campbell the leaders of Fusion Jamaica. Operating out of the city of Kingston, Jamaica.

"We work in places where life is not simple. Trench Town (the main community we work in) has around 64% unemployment, over 86% of children are born outside of marriage, and per capita it was in the top 5 for highest murder rates in the world for many years. (I say “was” because the murder rate has dropped considerably in recent years). Communities like Trench Town develop a negative cycle that affects the lives of children and young people who grow up there for successive generations.

Starting in Trench Town in 1999, we have developed an approach to working with children and young people in this kind of cycle. Our work is not just about giving charity to children surrounded by poverty, neglect and violence, it is about shifting the cycle itself, so that the children are more empowered to take positive steps both for themselves and to impact their community.

We use a number of programmes to achieve this, which work together to produce a long-term process of positive growth in young people and their communities. There are four main elements to this process, which are: to keep reading please click the link