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The Gupta Family Foundation

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The Gupta Family Foundation


As a family and as a company, we do not condone terrorism nor violence in any shape, way nor form. We stand for peace and we stand with all of the innocent civilians who have been impacted by this war. This situation is one for and about humanity, and every human deserves love and respect.

At The Gupta Group and all of our companies, The Gupta Group Developments, The Easton's Group of Hotels, Rogue Insight Capital and The Gupta Family Foundation, we reject hatred in all forms and we will not stand for neither anti-Semitism nor Islamophobia, nor any sort of racism. Every human deserves love and respect.

The Gupta Group will be partnering with Global Medic to provide relief and aid to those who have been impacted by the terrorist Hamas attacks and the resulting war. 100% of your donation will be going to this cause. The Gupta Group will match all donations. 

The thoughts you have, become the energy that goes into the world, so let's put peace and love in our mind so this in turn, goes into the world. I am sending you all love and blessings.

With Love and Light,

Reetu Gupta


The Gupta Group


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