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Covenant of Nations

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Covenant of Nations

Aanii-Boozhoo. She:kon 

Welcome to the Covenant of Nations: Sacred Wampum Renewal Gathering!

The goal of the Sacred Wampum gathering is to revitalize the original strong, respectful relationship between the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and the Anishinaabeg Nation to be better able to respond to challenges to nationhood, the environment, and the future of both nations.

We are seeking your support and generosity to bring together the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and Anishinaabeg Nation to renew an ancient covenant. It will be the first meeting between these original nations since 1840. It’s an opportunity to renew peace and restore diplomacy, unity and cooperation.

This gathering will bring together the spiritual leaders, elders, youth and historians to share in the sacred protocols and ceremonies that were in place long before contact in 1492. Together, the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabeg will share the story of our great legacy as nations on Turtle Island and share ancient wisdom to address the modern-day environmental crises, political divisions, racism and war.


  • Invocation of the Spirit and Ancestors

  • Sharing of Sacred Traditional Knowledge

  • Demonstrate and promote Indigenous values

  • Contributing to the Healing of Mother Earth

  • Transmission of historical, spiritual and cultural knowledge

  • Ceremonial Healing of Nations

  • Creation of Unity Among Nations

  • Creating a movement on Turtle Island

  • Impacting the values and actions of Settler nations

  • Addressing climate change by returning to the land and village life

  • Contributing to the Legacy of Peace

To learn more about the historic importance of this traditional peoples gathering planned for Summer 2022, visit