Hope and Healing International


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Our Mission

We are doctors, health officers, community workers and funding partners like you, passionate about giving hope & healing to children and families trapped by poverty and disability.

Why? Because we believe no child should be forgotten.

And children living in poverty with the added challenge of disability are among the most forgotten children in the world. 9 out of 10 of these kids can’t access education. They can’t see the blackboard, they can’t hear the teacher, they can’t walk the 2 km each way to school.

In the poorest communities, these forgotten children die at 4 times the rate of other children in those same communities. These beautiful kids are misunderstood and too often considered less valuable, less deserving of education, less worthy of medical care.

We go to the world’s poorest places, to look for these children – so they’re not left behind. With your help, we set up surgical units and community programs, battling brown-outs and tropical diseases, to give the miracle of sight, hearing and walking. Our mandate is to ensure children and families living with disability are included in all development programs and emergency relief efforts.

Our work is fueled by the deep belief that God created Fatima, a little girl with cerebral palsy in the Mukuru slums of Kenya, with as much love and intention as you and me. That’s our inspiration and it drives us.

Hope and Healing International

Hope and Healing International provided empowering, ability-restoring services to 36 million people last year. We have 20 project partners in 16 of the world’s poorest communities.

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