Registered Name: If National Institute of Families Foundation for Child & Youth Mental Health

Business Number: 821215860RR0001

FamilySmart® comes along-side young people and families to provide support, navigation assistance and information and then invites them and professionals to come-alongside each other to learn with and from each other to enhance the quality of experiences and services for child and youth mental health.

It’s what makes us Together-Centred™

Our work focuses on three areas

Health literacy - FamilySmart® believes it matters that health literacy about people, needs to be created with those people. This is our practice in our 2 Health Literacy Programs. Find out more here

Parent and Youth in Residence - Parent in Residence and Youth in Residence are young people and families with lived experience in child and youth mental health. The PiR/YiRs utilize each other and their collective experience and expertise to come alongside young people, families and service providers. The PiR/YiRs have a team of peers and a management team that supports the valuable work they do.

The PiR/YiRs provide peer support, mentoring, system navigation, and access to information, resources, networks and education.  Our team of PiR/YiRs currently work in many BC communities, hospitals, and other sites providing Child & Youth Mental Health Services and in Edmonton, Alberta at CASA Child, Adolescent & Family Mental Health.

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FamilySmart Practice Program - FamilySmart® Practice is about enhancing the experience and quality of services, information, and supports for children, youth, and their families through a shared practice we call Together-Centred™. It brings together young people, families and service providers to learn with and from each other and develop intentional personal and professional practice that can enhance child and youth mental health. 

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