Registered Name: If National Institute of Families Foundation for Child & Youth Mental Health

Business Number: 821215860RR0001

Mental Health challenges are hard. People are struggling whether living it or working in it, or both. It’s really hard.  And it doesn’t need to be so hard. We know some ways to make it easier. We call it FamilySmart™ and it means seeing each other, hearing each other, being kind to each other. FamilySmart™ can make things easier, and it can save lives.

FamilySmart™ started with one Mom on a journey to find help and support for her son. The caring connections made along the way, with doctors, teachers, psychiatrists and other Moms and families, were pivotal because these connections grew and grew, bringing people together to work for the wellness of her son and family.

Caring, connected relationships are at the core of FamilySmart™. With caring, connected relationships, all working together for the mental wellness of children and youth, it is possible to face new challenges and change how we approach situations. Helping families to make these caring connections is the core of our programs.

Last year, we connected with over 10,000 people, many of whom did not know where else to turn to seek support for their child. We act as the catalyst to connect these families to health care providers, policy makers, educators, researchers, service providers & businesses in order to improve mental wellness across Canada. Our primary focus is to connect with families as early as possible in their journey to ensure children receive the help they need before things get worse.

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