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The vision of Kitchissippi United Church

Our worship will include all ages and will:

  • be nurturing and joyful, creative and participative, comforting yet challenging, and,
  • offer hope and good news, times of quiet contemplation and Christian ritual, opportunities for celebration and learning All imbued with a high level of musical excellence.

Our approach to pastoral care will respond to individual needs, with a flexible approach that will be welcoming, accepting and inclusive, all through the week.

Our vision of outreach will encompass local, national and international actions that affect a range of needs as expressed by our members and the community we serve.

Taking these ideas we can then expand the statements to include specific actions we could undertake with the shared resources now available. Imagine the possibilities which are limited only by our imagination.

IMAGINE a church that welcomes and involves all ages and interests, in a completely accessible facility, flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of community functions.

IMAGINE worship that is intergenerational and participatory, is full of joy and hope, is comforting yet challenging and above all is responsive to the challenges and questions we face every day.

IMAGINE worship that is offered in different forms, to meet the different needs of our members. The range is from the more traditional service with its inspiring organ work and its stirring blend of voices in a full choir to times of quiet reflection and Christian ritual to the toe tapping enthusiasm of contemporary worship with recently written and international songs of faith.

IMAGINE an approach to pastoral care that includes everyone in a welcoming, supporting and accepting atmosphere, seven days a week with a variety of support structures and groups.

IMAGINE the opportunities for learning and personal growth, for socializing and sharing that our new fellowship will be able to provide.

IMAGINE the breadth and depth of our outreach work, providing opportunities for Christian service at the local, national and international levels, whatever the available time and resources.

IMAGINE the impact of a youth ministry, with professional staff and volunteers, that reaches out and makes a place for young people to learn and grow in a safe, supportive and respectful environment.

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