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Santa Needs Help


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Santa Needs Help

Imagine… having to make the choice to pay for your rent/heat or buy Christmas presents for your young children.

This is a decision some of us are fortunate enough to have never had to make, but it is reality for many families in North Bay and area as we head into the holidays. Making Christmas special for these families - that’s where you come in.

This year has been a challenge for everyone in our community as we continue to navigate life and changes from COVID-19. We need your help, now more than ever, to make Christmas special for families in our community.

Please consider making a donation in place of your annual ticket to the Fundraising Dance. Your gift will ensure we can make Christmas special for everyone in our district. You will receive a full charitable tax receipt AND your donation will be matched by Rebuilt Resources.

Christmas is at risk for families in our community and only you can help.