Lausanne Movement Canada


Business Number: 119009736RR0001

The Lausanne Movement Canada (LMC) is the official Canadian arm of the globally recognized Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization.

LMC invites the Church, Denominations, Mission Agencies, other Ministries and Marketplace Leaders from across Canada, to participate in this joint-venture: to respond to God’s call to evangelize our cities, our country, and our many new homelands.

LMC's mandate is to catalyze collaboration; to mobilize movement; to seize opportunity; to reach nations.

Canada is the one truly GLOBAL COUNTRY in the world. It is our opportunity and responsibility to impact global missions and world evangelization by collaborating with the diaspora of nations that are flooding to our great home country. The face of missions in changing. LMC is driving research, conversation and praying as a prophetic voice for guiding and shaping global mission for the decades to come.

Join us on this ordained journey and participate in our upcoming regional events, and ultimately a major Canadian Congress.

LMC is a registered Canadian Charity (119009736 RR0001) with the official full name, "Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization in Canada."

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