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South Asian Community Counselling Fund

Registered Name: Moving Forward Family Services Society

Business No: 760671891RR0001

South Asian Community Counselling Fund
I started Moving Forward as I grew increasingly disheartened having to turn people who were suffering away or placing them on year+ long wait lists.
While I saw the need was great for all communities (and thus anyone can access our services), I observed that South Asian communities were considerably under-served by pre-existing services … concerns around mental health, intergenerational trauma, intimate partner violence, addiction, sexual abuse, extended family conflicts, migration stressors, homelessness, youth/gang violence, international student exploitation, impacts of discrimination have thus often gone unmet, or services failed to meet the cultural (i.e. holistic, integrated, collective), spiritual and linguistical needs of these diverse communities. I therefore decided to gather together like-minded colleagues in the counselling, psychology and social work fields in efforts to help bridge some of these systemic gaps.
While Moving Forward will continue to serve anyone who wants counselling from around the world, I am proud to announce the South Asian Communities Counselling program, a team of counsellors, social workers, social service workers, support workers and psychologists who have the culturally and linguistically responsive skills to address the social-emotional needs of South Asian Canadian communities.
The intent of this program is to support vulnerable communities who otherwise are not able to have their needs met through pre-existing services and cannot afford the traditional fees of private therapists. While advocating for a more inclusive public service is necessary, there are far too many falling through the gaps in the meantime.
To learn more about this program or about Moving Forward's low barrier services, feel free to call 778-321-3054 or email