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The New Dawn Community Development Education Foundation was created to provide education, learning, conversation and research opportunities around community economic and social development.

New Dawn Enterprisesis a private, volunteer directed business dedicated to community building. New Dawn seeks to identify community needs and to establish and operate ventures that speak to those needs.

Today the New Dawn Community Development Education Foundation, in pursuit of its own objects, supports two Funds: The Lorway Fund, and Community CARES Youth Outreach. Charitable donations to these funds can be made individually through this online platform.

THE LORWAY FUND: To honour Charles and Wayne’s memory and their commitment to community, the Lorway Fund was created by their children and grandchildren to thank them for imparting the values of entrepreneurship, a passion for making positive change in the world, and the importance of life-long learning.

Throughout their working lives and well into retirement, Charles and Wayne were both active in numerous community organizations such as the Sydney Rotary Club, the Canadian Federation of University Women, the Chamber of Commerce, and New Dawn. They firmly believed in the power of entrepreneurship and engaged citizens to make a positive difference in their community.

The Lorway Fund will be invested in initiatives that help create a culture of entrepreneurship, self-reliance, and education in Cape Breton. More information on the Lorway Fund can be found here.

COMMUNITY CARES YOUTH OUTREACH: is a non-profit youth development organization serving the Northside communities of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.  Its mandate is to provide life management opportunities to Northside youth ages 11 and older, including resources related to health, learning and work.  Among its specific objectives are increasing youth involvement in community development and community service opportunities.

Community CARES was established in 1999 and has a strong track record of support for marginalized young people in the communities it serves. More information on Community CARES can be found here.

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