Oasis des enfants de Rosemont


Business Number: 887886232RR0001


Oasis des enfants de Rosemont is a youth center for children under 12 years old. Our main mission is to offer activities to children (mainly latchkey kids) to counter delinquent behaviour and to promote healthy development.

Services and activities

Recognized by the Ministère de la famille, our house of love offers :

♥  a safe and healthy living environnement for children up to 12 years of age where they can come and go as they please. We offer activities and snacks or a lunch (depending on the duration of activities) free of charge.

♥  a community daycare center for children 5 years and under for parents in need of daycare services on a regular basis for exemple parents returning to school, medical appointments, or simply to socialize a child before entering kindergaten ;

 a day camp service for the summer break :

In order to reflect the interest of the children that use our program we have developped, in the past 20 years, many themed activities :  

  • Tutoring and help with homework with the help of games (once a week)
  • arts and crafts that initiate children to different forms and mediums;
  • cooking workshops adapted for children (1 to 2 fois a week);
  • sports in a schools gymnasium (1 to 2 times a week or more if the children ask)
  • Nature, ecology activities (compost, community garden);
  • Discussions during our daily snacktime periods
  • Board games, theâtre workshops, reading, relaxation techniques and role playiong games.
  • music (depending on the music talents of our staff)
  • Movies and videos games on special occasions

Finally, thanks to the donations recieved by private donators, our youth center also has equipement for outdoor activities like hockey badminton, volleyball and trampoline.

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