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Québec HIV/AIDS Portal

Registered Name: Portail VIH/SIDA du Québec inc./Québec HIV/AIDS Portal Inc.

Business No: 831993860RR0001

Québec HIV/AIDS Portal


Our Mission

Portail VIH/sida du Québec’s mission is to provide information about HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases (STD) to people living with HIV as well as to the general public. Our services are designed to be adaptable to people living with HIV so as to best suit their needs. Through our website and online services, Portail VIH/sida du Québec offers education and support surrounding sexual health and wellbeing that is both accessible and confidential.

About Québec HIV/AIDS Portal Inc.

Portail VIH/sida du Québec wants to be a single gateway for all PHA’s in Quebec:

• Extensive website and social médias

• Information about HIV and treatments via our hotline

• Conferences on treatment for HIV / AIDS

• AIDS 101 training workshops

• Updates on treatment workshops and conference abstracts

• HIV, What you need to know practical guide (available in English and French)

• HIV/AIDS International conference’s summary

• The daily news Fréquence VIH

• Sexposer : First Mobile App to prevent STD


2000 Rue Notre-Dame Est - 501

Montréal, QC, H2K 2N3

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