A New Day - Youth & Adult Services

Registered Name: A New Day - Youth & Adult Services

Business Number: 828292391RR0001

A NEW DAY provides a 4-bed residential treatment program for survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in Ottawa, Ontario.The program offers a one-of-a-kind, trauma-informed case management model designed to be inclusive of survivor voice while working towards goals that are personalized and oriented towards healing from the inside out. Recognizing that the needs of sex trafficked individuals are unique, survivors are given back the freedom to begin the road of recovery through individualized care plans, services and support, both within the residential program provided by A NEW DAY and wrap around services with community partners.The residential treatment program for survivors will incorporate three phases: Relax, Revive, and Reclaim. Each phase was builds on each other, and is designed specifically to help the survivors process through their trauma in a safe and healthy manner. As such, survivors need to be supported within reasonable time frames to receive the treatment and life skills training they need to be successful to move towards the next phase. The length of the stay for the residential program is approximately 16 -18 months, and each phase may be extended due to the current needs of the survivor.

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