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Our Mission

AARC's mission is to successfully treat adolescents and their families suffering from the disease of alcoholism and/or drug addiction, through a cost-effective, research-based, clinically validated treatment model, and to provide current, relevant information and perspectives on adolescent chemical dependency to as many individuals and institutions as possible throughout our community.

About AARC

AARC is a Calgary based, non-profit organization that operates a long-term treatment centre for chemically addicted adolescents and their families. At AARC we have seen adolescents through frighteningly low points in their lives. Thanks to this exceptional program of recovery, we have witnessed the same youths graduate with hope instead of despair.

Success at AARC is an AARC graduate who is clean and sober, back in school or working, and reunited with his or her family.

Our vision is for AARC to be a recognized leader in adolescent addiction recovery for severely addicted adolescents. Maintaining a safe environment for the treatment of clients and their families, we support and enhance the treatment process while working to expand our reach.

What People Are Saying

"By the time I arrived at AARC, I had no hope for recovery or a normal life. As I went through the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, my hope and long lost happiness came back, along with the relationship with my family. I am so grateful for what AARC has given me and for a second chance at life."

— Meaghan F., AARC Graduate

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