ABCs and Rice

Registered Name: ABCs and Rice

Business Number: 829234434RR0001

COVID-19 Support for our students and their families

Schools in Siem Reap have been closed for the last three weeks and will remain closed until at least 20th April. For the students of ABCs and Rice, this doesn't just result in them missing out on their education, but also means that they miss out on two hot meals a day.

None of our students have access to the internet, so we cannot run online lessons like a lot of schools. We have been printing off homework for the students to take home so that they can continue their education, however this is coming at quite a high cost.

As well as homework, we are also providing the students with a supply of vegetables, rice and eggs each week that they can take home to their families. A lot of the parents of our students have also lost their jobs recently so this food is essential for their survival. With more funds we will be able to provide more food to these families to help them get through this difficult time.