About A Dog Rescue Society

Registered Name: About A Dog Rescue Society

Business Number: 741388284RR0001

We are a 100% volunteer group who work together in Vancouver Canada and Puerto Vallarta Mexico to rescue animals in need of help. Our volunteers are a small family like group, the animals rescued (mostly dogs) are provided full medical care, a home to live in with other rescues and families, they have everything they need including love and compassion.

When healthy and socialized, we bring dogs to Vancouver where we go through our adoption process to match them with their perfect family. While all dogs can't come to Vancouver due to age or health, they still deserve rescue and a home which they will always have in Puerto Vallarta.

We are very proud of the group we have formed and of the involvement within the area we rescue, more and more families are getting involved to help. It is of great importance to educate and involve our communities in Canada and Mexico to raise awareness and help animals in need.

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