Registered Name: ABRIGO CENTRE

Business Number: 129515284RR0001

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That single three-word sentence has been said tens of thousands of times over the last 28 years by people in Toronto’s Portuguese community. From one generation to the next, individuals and families have relied on Abrigo to help them in their time of need.

What started solely as support for abused women and children, Abrigo has grown into a full service agency that assists a cross section of today’s society – women, men, youth, parents and seniors. Abrigo’s unwavering willingness to assist people of all ages and ethnicity has earned the agency wide respect across the GTA.

Today, Abrigo’s programming includes assistance for individuals and families who are facing a variety of challenges. Foremost, is domestic abuse in all its forms, including physical, emotional and financial. Abrigo also has parenting groups for mothers and fathers seeking help with their children. Dedicated counsellors offer support for youth facing difficult issues made even more challenging by today’s complex electronic world and social media. Abrigo has a dynamic seniors program and assists individuals of all ages with a variety of government forms and applications through our Community Development and Integration Program.

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