Academics Without Borders

Registered Name: Academics without Borders / Universitaires sans frontières

Business Number: 855102588RR0001

The urgent needs of those threatened by famine, disease, and violence are immense.

Understandably, governments and the people of more privileged countries focus first on medical care, shelter, food and water. However, beyond these immediate needs, the future of those in the developing world depends on well-functioning essential institutions. These include primary and secondary schools, health care, and sustainable agricultural practices – prerequisites of a healthy, prosperous and peaceful society. The world’s most disadvantaged people must be supported in their efforts to build communities in which they may thrive.

Success will require strong, innovative, and committed leadership in the developing world. Universities in these countries have a vital part to play in educating teachers, nurses and doctors, entrepreneurs, as well as leaders of industry, government, and the public and nonprofit sectors. The universities of the developing world are eager to take on these roles but many are ill equipped to do so.

Academics Without Borders (AWB) works with these universities so that they may better serve their communities by increasing the quality and the range of their programs. AWB’s volunteers, the large majority of whom are from Canadian universities, generously donate their time to projects in all areas of university education, including curriculum development, teaching and learning innovation, research, and academic support services. To date, we have completed over 100 projects and sent more than 100 volunteers across the world.

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