ACCESO International


Business Number: 892291501RR0001

Our Mission

Education is the basis of our work in the defence of human rights and in the promotion of social justice.

ACCESO International enables greater access to education in economically developing countries in the Americas, including Canada, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and Peru.

In the past, we have supported projects in Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador and Mexico.

ACCESO International was founded by Canadian volunteers seeking to address the disparity between their educational opportunities and those of students in developing countries.

Functioning as a solidarity and in a non-hierarchical way, we focus on equality, consensus building and collegiality among our members, counterparts and beneficiaries.

Our founding principles of solidarity, equality, human rights, peace and social justice enable our partnerships to thrive in very successful and meaningful ways.

We strive to make education an accessible, peaceful, enriching, liberating and successful journey for all.

About ACCESO International

ACCESO International promotes greater access to all levels of education in Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada. It is an incorporated non-governmental organization that is completely volunteer-operated. ACCESO International works in partnership with locally-based and Canadian affiliated organizations to provide support for marginalized children, youth and women so that they can study in their own country, in their own culture and in their own language.

ACCESO International provides educational resources to daycares, schools, homework centres, orphanages, libraries and women’s human rights workshops.

It also provides individual bursaries for primary, secondary and post-secondary students; the bursaries cover the costs for uniforms, supplies, shoes, packsacks, tuition, transportation, nourishment, health care and lodging.

As a testament to our commitment to accountability, ACCESO International ensures that all receipted donations are allocated directly to its education projects.

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