Access 808

Registered Name: Cape Breton Assotiation of Youth Housing and Programs Initiative

Business Number: 851735407RR0001

Our Mission

To ensure at-risk youth of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality have opportunity to access a continuum of services and supports, which include prevention programs, emergency response, and accommodations. We are committed to working with youth, families and other community partners to support the development of more effective solutions to break the cycle of youth homelessness.

About Access 808

Cape Breton Youth Housing and Programs Initiatives was formed as a community based, volunteer organization working on the front lines of youth homeless and poverty in Cape Breton. The organization provides three pillars of work which are:

1. Prevention strategies to reduce the likelihood that youth will become homeless

2. Emergency response to lessen the impact of homelessness

3. Transitions out of homelessness to support youth in leading a life of self -reliance.

808 George Street, Sydney, is the new home to the only youth access center of its kind in Cape Breton called Access 808 which opened its doors in February 2013

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