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Accessible Housing


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Vision: Everyone has a home and belongs in community.

Accessible Housing


Our Vision

Everyone has a home and belongs in community.

Our Mission

We open doors for people with limited mobility to enhance dignity through accessible homes that are appropriate and affordable.

About Accessible Housing

Accessible Housing is a Calgary charity that opens doors to homes that are accessible, affordable and safe for people with limited mobility. Accessible Housing was formed in 1974 to meet the housing needs of young people with severe physical disabilities due to spinal injuries. We now help people with limited mobility through a continuum of housing types and supports so that everyone has a home.

What Accessible Housing believes in:

We believe that although we can’t change our circumstances, we don’t have to be defined by them. We believe everyone, despite of their limitations have the right to live in a safe home and be part of a supportive community. We believe everyone, regardless of their circumstances, when provided with the proper support and opportunities can thrive. 

Our work is simple, we’re here to eliminate obstacles and provide the opportunities and support needed so our clients can focus on pursuing their dreams rather than struggling with their limitations. 

How Accessible Housing does this:

Homes in Community with care services - In Calgary, Accessible Housing operates Inclusio and Newbridge, as well as providing care and support at Chinook House.

Housing with Intensive Support - The Bridge to Home caseworker team helps clients with everything from the basics of daily living like laundry and shopping to life skills like conflict resolution and goal setting. Our team works with their clients so that they can be hopeful, healthy, dream big and thrive in the community.

Housing Registry - Accessible Housing keeps up-to-date on accessible and affordable homes in Calgary and can link you to appropriate community resources and help you find a home that matches your needs. 

Residential Accessible Design (RAD Renos) - Unfortunately there are many Calgarians who develop a mobility issue. This could be due to a new spinal injury, a progressive disease or age-related mobility issues. When this happens it can be very difficult accessing different areas of a home. Homeowners are often barely able to access areas of their homes. We help by assessing barriers and then installing and renovating the home to provide a safe and barrier-free environment.  


#215, 1212 - 31st Ave NE

Calgary, AB, T2E 7S8

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