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We know we don’t have to tell you that news on climate change is grim. Canada has about 0.5% of the world's population, but contributes about 2% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change declared that "warming of the climate's system is unequivocal" and that there is a "very high confidence" that human activity since 1750 has played a significant role in overloading the atmosphere with carbon dioxide.    It is a global problem with global consequences.    “The environment is a common patrimony of all humanity and is everyone’s responsibility,” said Pope Francis in his June 2015 Papal Encyclical. “Whoever possesses a part of it should merely administer it for the common good. If we do not do this, our conscience is burdened with the weight of denying the existence of another.”    The earth’s climate is changing and engaging citizens is an essential part of our ability to mitigate the damage.   

Whether you choose to give $50, $100 or some other amount, please know your donation will be put to work immediately in building an army of citizen scientists who are monitoring climate change in their own back yards, filling an important gap in our knowledge of how climate change is affecting our communities.  

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