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Using Our Gifts to Serve Our Neighbour

Registered Name: Action Catholique Montréal Catholic Action Montreal

Business No: 821656329RR0001

Using Our Gifts to Serve Our Neighbour

There remain many people without food, people on the border of homelessness. We have been collecting and leaving food for them at their door and in some cases giving small amounts of cash for them to purchase other items they may need.

The homeless have less "safe" options available to them.  Our volunteers are making individual sandwiches and wrapped healthy snacks that priests are handing our one at a time to help them survive. We have been collecting clothing for homeless women.

We have volunteers making fabric reusable masks for senior residence workers, this is a HUGE priority given the recent discoveries in senior residences.

We have been collecting hand creams, healthy snacks, juices for our front line workers in the Covid Unit in our city.

We have been having "Google" virtual meetings to assist those in isolation so they can "see" someone. We also meet with our anxiety group - who's fears are heightened during this time of crises.

We need your help to keep the drive alive to help our neighbours to outlast these challenges! God bless!